5 Tips To Buy A 4K TV on Black Friday Sale 2017



Planning to buy your first 4K TV? Or you may want to upgrade your old TV to a new 4K TV? Then upcoming Black Friday Sale 2017 would be the best time to grab your first 4K TV. But do you know what are the things you should consider while buying a 4K TV online?

A hottest topic today among most of the people is a 4K Ultra HD television. Many people have a question on their mind that what’s the big deal about a 4K television? A lot of people want to know about this ultra HD technology and what’s in that 4K Ultra HD TV. This makes them to buy a new 4K TV. If you are one among them, then this holiday shopping season is the perfect time for you to buy a 4K Ultra HD TV.

However, before going to buy a 4K Ultra HD television for your home, you need to know first what a 4K Ultra HD TV is and what are the things to consider while buying such a television. Here is the information for you

What is a 4K TV?

4K (aka Ultra HD) televisions have four times the pixel density than Full HD (aka 1080p) TVs. Therefore, the picture quality of this type of tv is much sharper than a normal HD tv. A normal HD TV has 2 million pixels whereas this range television contains 8 million pixels for the picture quality. This makes the television ultra HD. the promise of future 4k broadcasting is one of the main reasons why anyone in the market for a new TV today should choose a 4K set over a 1080p set.

Another reason for the popularity of this type of television is the 4K Blueray is coming. Also, the internet streaming is already in 4K range and hence if you have a 4K television and a Netflix account you can enjoy a 4K movie right in your home

Tips to buy a 4K TV

Before going to buy your 4K TV for your home, keep the following tips in mind. You have to look into certain features while buying such a worthy product because it worth a lump sum of amount

Make sure that it is Ultra HD

Even though the 4K televisions are available with HD, the Ultra HD feature came into existence only by this year. Therefore, make sure that the TV you are going to buy is an ultra HD one. That is, its resolution must be at least of 3840*2160 and a color depth of 10.

Concentrate on HDR

This is available in two types HDR10 and Dolby. You need to consider what form is currently on the market and buy the one with that format.

Go for a smart TV

Nowadays, smart TV is a famous trend and most of the people love to use such one. Therefore, you can go for a smart TV that is, the one that allows you to connect to the internet. Through this, you can enjoy much of the online streaming services on your 4K TV

Price of the TV

As it is an ultra HD TV, it cost quite a much amount. However, you should check whether the product is worthwhile for the money you spent or not


The important thing you have to note is the connectivity. Make sure that the TV has different connectivity options other than the set top box like USB ports, AV ports, HDMI and even a Bluetooth

These are few tips you may consider to get some knowledge about 4K televisions. More than that it also matter what size TV you are planning to buy and how much room size you have where you are planning to install the same.

Whatever is your plan, remember that during Black Friday 2017 you may get the best deals on 4K  TV ranges on various brands and you should not miss the same if you really want to make this holiday shopping time worthy.

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