What is the Secret of Discounts in Online Shopping?

The psychology of discounts

One of the main reasons why online sellers offer discounts is to attract customers and increase sales. Discounts create a sense of urgency, scarcity, and value in the minds of shoppers. They make them feel like they are getting a good deal, saving money, and avoiding missing out on a limited opportunity. Discounts also appeal to the emotional side of shopping, as they trigger positive feelings such as excitement, satisfaction, and pride.

However, discounts can also have some negative effects on shoppers. They can make them buy things they don’t need or want, spend more than they planned, or compromise on quality or service. Discounts can also create unrealistic expectations and reduce customer loyalty. For example, if a customer buys a product at a discounted price and then sees it at a higher price later, they may feel cheated or regretful. Or if a customer gets used to buying products at discounted prices, they may not be willing to pay the full price or switch to another seller.

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The strategies of discounts

Another reason why online sellers offer discounts is to achieve certain business goals and strategies. Discounts can help online sellers to:

  • Clear out old or excess inventory: By offering discounts on products that are out of season, out of fashion, or nearing their expiry date, online sellers can get rid of them quickly and free up space for new products.
  • Increase customer acquisition: By offering discounts to new customers or referrals, online sellers can attract more people to their website or app and expand their customer base.
  • Boost customer retention: By offering discounts to loyal customers or repeat buyers, online sellers can reward them for their loyalty and encourage them to buy more often or spend more.
  • Enhance brand awareness: By offering discounts on popular or trending products, online sellers can generate buzz and word-of-mouth marketing for their brand and products.
  • Gain competitive advantage: By offering discounts that are lower or better than their competitors, online sellers can gain an edge in the market and attract more customers.

The secrets of discounts

So how do online sellers afford to offer such discounts? What are the secrets behind them? Here are some of the common ways that online sellers use to offer discounts:

  • Markup pricing: Online sellers may mark up the original price of a product before applying a discount. For example, if a product costs $10 to produce and sell, an online seller may mark it up to $20 and then offer a 50% discount. This way, they can still make a profit of $5 while making the customer think they are saving $10.
  • Dynamic pricing: Online sellers may change the price of a product depending on various factors, such as demand, supply, time, location, or customer behavior. For example, an online seller may offer a lower price for a product during off-peak hours or in low-demand regions. Or they may offer a higher price for a product when it is in high demand or when the customer has shown interest in it.
  • Hidden costs: Online sellers may charge extra fees or costs that are not included in the discounted price. For example, an online seller may charge shipping fees, handling fees, taxes, or service charges that add up to the final cost of the product. Or they may offer a lower quality or service level for the discounted product.
  • Cross-selling or upselling: Online sellers may use discounts as a way to entice customers to buy more products or services. For example, an online seller may offer a discount on one product but require the customer to buy another product along with it. Or they may offer a discount on a basic product but encourage the customer to upgrade to a premium product.

The conclusion

Discounts are a common and effective way of online shopping that can benefit both sellers and buyers. However, they also have some drawbacks and hidden secrets that shoppers should be aware of. Before buying a product at a discounted price, shoppers should do some research, compare prices, read reviews, check for hidden costs or conditions, and evaluate their needs and preferences. By doing so, they can make smart and informed decisions and enjoy the benefits of discounts without falling for the traps.
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